Fueled by Evolution

Bondfire is an offer fueled by  Evolution, a communication solutions agency based in Mauritius. Its expertise includes financial communication, digital communication as well as internal communication and employee engagement, respectively under the branded services Numbers , Zamalac and Bondfire.

Jean Marc Santucci

Managing Director

Over the past 20 years, Jean Marc has acted as Managing Director of three companies, operating in the realms of communications, advertising and publishing. He started at the head of a team of 4 talents, and grew into the leader of a community of 500 employees. Agility, quality, commitment are his core values. Working closely with his HR teams and IT teams, he implemented successful employee engagement strategies and developed efficient internal communication solutions within his own companies.
The sky is his limit!

Mélissa Prosper

HR Consultant

During her 14-year career as head of HR and HR director for various companies, Mélissa has overseen the recruitment of more than 500 talents, both locally and internationally. In fact, she has been more than an executive, she has been a strategic partner in helping companies to grow, while nurturing their culture and fostering sustainable HR projects.
Force of nature is her middle name.

Annabelle Louis

HR Manager

With 12 years of experience in HR, Annabelle is fuelled by her passion for spotting talents and paying special attention to people’s psychology. In her line of duty, she has implemented HR processes and systems, acted as a strategic consultant to operational managers, and worked on boosting employee’s involvement and motivation at work. She knows the power of an engaged workforce. And she knows how to get you there. 
She got us there after all!

Vincent Potage

Communication Expert

Vincent has a decade-long experience as a communication specialist. He has worked closely with international, regional, and local brands, helping them to craft inspiring internal and external communication strategies, as well as marketing plans. He is a fervent believer in the benefits of great employee experience, which for him nurtures brand advocates and comes with effective communication skills within organisations. 
He works hard. And laughs harder.

Élodie Casse

Creative Content Manager

Élodie is best known for her key contribution as Editor-in-Chief of Kozé, a vibrant cultural magazine in Mauritius, though she is undeniably more. Crossing the 10-year mark in professional experience across Communication, Marketing, and Content Development, time has only been one of the many dimensions to her name. Élodie is able to combine discipline and creativity and dive deep into the very essence of things.
If you think ‘the best of both worlds’ is elusive, think again.

Claire Sarah

Sales Director

Adding fuel to the (bond) fire, Claire firmly believes in all the principles and values of our brand. The proof? Throughout her career as Sales Director, she has been involved  in various welfare committees overseeing the well-being of employees in the office and acting  as their voice.  Claire will carefully listen to find out exactly what your needs are and see how we can cater for them. And with her never-ending energy, she keeps our team active.
No challenge is too great for her!