The 8-week Employee Engagement Program

A good level of employee engagement can yield the following benefits for your organisation:

A boost to the inherent talents of your employees

 28 years of data found that firms with high employee satisfaction outperform their peers. [Alex Edmans, Academy of Management Perspectives]

Better productivity

Companies with highly engaged employees are 21% more profitable. [Gallup]

A committed teamforce who adheres to your company’s objectives  

71% of executives say that employee engagement is critical to their company’s success. [Fast track 360]

Reduced absenteeism

Organisations that score best in terms of employee engagement reach up to 41% reduction in absenteeism. [Forbes]

Reduced turnover

A strong eng agement culture can lower your turnover rates by 59%. [Forbes]

Our Program

We can adapt a bundle offer to your requirements. Often, Engagement Programs are indefinite over time. But ours has a set deadline and clearly lists measurable objectives. 

The Bondfire 8-week Employee Engagement Program has been developed with Human Resources experts, based on the methodology of award-winning expert Kevin Kruse. Kruse is the author of the bestselling book “Employee Engagement 2.0: How to Motivate Your Team for High Performance”.

Our Methodology :

Understanding is crucial. In fact, the first 3 weeks are devoted to understanding the needs and expectations of your teams.

Week 1

Building the survey

Week 2

The survey is made available online and we actively encourage the teams to participate (anonymously) .

Week 3

Analysis of the collected data and preparation of presentations to highlight the major takeaways and trends that have emerged from the survey.

Week 4

Presentation of results and initial feedback. Engagement begins to be on everyone's mind and becomes a priority.

Week 5

This is an important step that involves setting up meetings over a defined period of time. By doing so, you demonstrate to your teams that the subject is on the table and that you mean business. Group meetings are scheduled and carried out, in a concise  and effective way.

Week  6

Start of individual interviews. It is here that we attempt to understand career expectations, fears, and other difficulties. Frank, honest, and informal discussions are held with managers, to show the willingness to listen.

Week  7

Develop habits of recognition. It's the start of the adventure and we encourage you to nurture these habits into the long-term. We highlight the importance of valuing your employ ees. Actually, this should become part of your DNA.

Week 8

Share the company's strategic plan. Make sure your teams are proactive and everyone is aware of the goals. The guideline should  be clear and easy to remember.

The 8-week Program will surely not solve all the issues but at a minimum, it will have allowed a change in perception. It would have created healthy habits of promoting 2-way communication, recognition, and trust.

Within the Program, we also propose that a fresh survey be carried out 6 months after. This is undertaken to measure the progress. We also reschedule individual interviews. Over the following weeks, employee scepticism should fade, and your teams should begin to feel genuinely engaged.

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