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Employer Branding

An organisation can leave external forces to determine their brand, OR they can wise up and actively choose to cultivate one. It implies sending out the right messages to the talents you wish to attract, retain, and uplift.  We can help you forge that unique employer brand, in line with your company's values.   

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Communication Strategy 

Any respected musical band composed of even the best performers playing different instruments, needs to be in sync. From designing communication strategies, to developing the right communication channels, to picking the right tools – we can help you be the maestro. 

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The 8-Week Employee Engagement Program

This is the real deal.
Knowledge and skills come together to build your desired engagement culture. Over 8 weeks, our team’s focus is set on leveraging the best in your people. Every step in the program has been thought out to bring you key value.
We are confident that this could very well be the best investment you can make in your people.

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Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Surveys

To know thyself is the beginning of freedom.” – Socrates. Freedom yes, and we shall add: the beginning of an adventure towards a new work culture. We have meticulously designed surveys to gauge the level of employee satisfaction and engagement within your organisation. They are essential – we cannot stress this enough.

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Businesses with satisfied customers are businesses with engaged employees! 

Let us tell you all about it.
There are very compelling statistics on business performance which have surfaced from companies investing in employee engagement solutions.


of executives say that employee engagement is critical to their company’s success. [Fast track 360]


is how much more profitable companies with highly engaged employees are. [Gallup]

28 years

of data found that firms with high employee satisfaction outperform their peers. [Alex Edmans, Academy of Management Perspectives]