Internal Communication

Any respected musical band composed of even the best performers playing different instruments, needs to be in sync. Internal communication is key to this process. And we have an idea on how to make it all seamless. We can help you be the maestro.

When designing internal communication strategies for our clients, we follow methodologies guided by grounded findings. We take time in engineering and designing the right communication tools, editorial strategies, and tone of voice. We support our clients along the entire strategy chain – from concepts to implementation and monitoring.

Mobile Application

Companies serious about employee engagement have started to invest in internal communication apps, often referred to as employee apps. There are multiple advantages in implementing an employee app:

1 .

Reach  higher engagement rates. Based on recent trends, smartphones rank far higher compared to other internal communication channels 
in this respect.

2 .

Reach out to 100% of your team – even those without desktop or email channels. Think about members of your team who are constantly out there developing business or delivering your products. Think about the different locations, locally or internationally, where members of your team are dispersed, but keen to feel the company’s pulse.

3 .

Communicate in real time and send alerts when needed through push notifications.

4 .

Let the employee apps become the central point of internal communication with flexible options to deliver contents. Think event calendars, document management, surveys, payrolls, notice boards, chats, radio, social media links, videos, blog articles – at both company  and  group levels.

5 .

Use an internal communication app to get full control over data and defining access profiles of the different users – for example ‘reader’ or ‘publisher’.

6 .

Implementing an employee app is quick, and great value for money. It’s a one-shot investment, with no monthly subscription and unlimited users.

7 .

Using the latest technology and within a reasonable budget, we can develop and support you in publishing an exciting native employee app.

Become a 2.0 organisation today and get ahead of the industry!